Sunday, September 27, 2009

Plucky ducky

I was going through some boxes of old knick knacks when I came across a very, old rubber ducky. Its still a shade of somewhat bright yellow, fancy that! (after all these years) Hence, I shall now call it 'plucky ducky'! Why do they still call them rubber duckies when most of them are now made of plastic? :P

& Come to think of it! I hardly ever remember playing with this toy! What on earth is it doing in my box of old keepsakes? It must be my sister's then, chuckle* guess they're trying to get rid of old stuff again by stashing it there.

As I sat there looking at the little toy, I thought, why not do up some duckies for a new Jinjerup Bird themed pattern :D So, thanks to plucky ducky, here's my take on this classic toy, in 3 shades of daffodil, lilac and cornflower.

Plucky ducky (daffodil)
Duckies in fashion!

Plucky ducky (lilac)
Duckies in fashion!

Plucky ducky (cornflower)
Duckies in fashion!


Flash said...

These evoked a big smile.

Andrea said...

omgsh too cute! I love them. Plucky ducky. So sweet!

katy said...

too cute! you made me smile!

Skebba said...

These are gorgeous.

Tiffany said...

Aww, these are so cute...I think they should be a gift box pattern!

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