Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flats for ____ (Part 1)

Sorry for the wait! I have been working on this next batch for a touch too long!
I have to say I had had quite some fun reading up on & drawing inspiration from some interesting folks for my next batch of patterns.

Initially I wanted to illustrate flats in a duo tones with a blizzard of patterns but then I realised why not take it a step further and design them based on fascinating real or fictional characters.

Thus this is Part 1 of my flats inspired patterns! I chose 2 fictional characters, Ms. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and the lovely Thumbelina from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale collection plus a real life art figure, Yayoi Kusama, a renowned Japanese artist for her obsession with polka dots (stemming from hallucinations).

flats for dorothy
Ruby red & pomegranate flats inspired by Dorothy of Oz

flats for yayoi
for the reigning queen of polka dots :)

flats for thumbelina
blooms, vines & seeds decorate these for this pint-sized princess

(Note: I so love flats & I dearly wish I could wear them. My heart totally overthrows my brain & its better judgement when I see a really pretty pair, so I have ended buying 3 pairs which I can't wear! They really pinch at the toes and the width of the shoe so I normally put them aside after 3hours of agonizing torture. Sigh* Anyone know of a good brand that doesn't kill your feet? Would love to hear from you!)


Nikki said...

Try buying them a half size big, then putting in those gel heel pads. They won't pinch your feet, and the heel pads mean they won't slip off either.

Andrea said...

Love love love shoes!

MiC said...

these "ballerines" are simply marvelous. bravo !

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