Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Liquorice all sorts

As requested by Trix, here's a Jinjerup take on liquorice all sorts.
:P Even though, I'm not a big fan of how liquorice tastes, I do love how they look. Their colors and shapes are oddly fascinating! Now, I wonder who designed them as such?

The first two designs are based on the existing original and fruit flavours, whilst for the third, I've added in how chocolate might look like in the all sorts style :)

I'm rather curious about the fruit all sorts, as I've never seen them before I googled up on these all sorts! Has anyone ever tried them? Are they nice? Do they taste purely fruity or do they have a liquorice taste as well? :P Oh please do share!

Liquorice (original)
a cute display of traditional liquorice all sorts

Liquorice (fruity)
a cute display of fruity flavored liquorice all sorts

Liquorice (chocolate)
a cute display of chocolate flavored liquorice all sorts


Trix said...

Oh, how exciting. I love your vision of licorice allsorts! They look fantastic, I am excited that you love the look of them too!

Samreen said...

ugh! eew! But very nice! I hate licorice. One of my silly friends thought it was a bullet when he ate it for the first time! (actually, he was making fun) ME and my oth er friends were all LOLZ!! I want to try the fruity ones. MAybe I'll like them... but the way you design it, it looks totally delicious! I like the second one most!

Anonymous said...

Just found you today- so sad that I missed out on the matriuska doll set!
I cannot figure out how it is that I download the freebies? When I click on them the design is enlarged slightly but also includes the circle with the mini enlargement in it?
Please advise.Thanks so much- you have a lot of wonderful designs on here that i'd be thrilled to download.

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