Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear readers,
Jinjerup has moved to our brand NEW website. For plenty of super cute printables & patterns, please visit us at Please update all your bookmarks & links :) Here’s a quick link guide to a brand new Jinjerup, have fun exploring!

Our new BLOG link is
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Our new SHOP link is
Want to receive the latest news on Jinjerup Shop’s brand new printables & offers, you can now do so by joining our Jinjerup Shop Mailing List. We shall only be emailing you once in awhile or whenever we have new printables or fab new offers, please click HERE to sign up.


We’re now on Facebook, here’s our new Facebook link:

For all you twitter fans, here’s Jinjerup’s twitter link:

We’re now on Google+ too, here’s our new Google+ link:

6) RSS
To continue receiving RSS updates, please update your Jinjerup feed URL.
Here’s our new RSS link:


Stuff-n-Such By Lisa said...

Hi, I really like your blog/site, but when I try to go to the new site listed here:, I get an error: "Unable to access the network
Google Chrome is having trouble accessing the network."
I will try on IE and see if I get the same result.

lynn said...

Hi Lisa dearie,
thanks for the lovely support :) you've mis-spelt our website address, its with a 'j' instead of a 'g'.

You can visit us at our new website by copying and pasting this link below, thank you!>

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