Friday, February 5, 2010

Was it a double, now make it a triple!

Gosh, what an interesting start of the year I'm having! Remember, the dengue + malaria I had come down with about 2 weeks ago? Well, guess what! I now have my left foot in a cast!! BIG SIGH* & its going to stay there for the next 3 weeks.

Being the clumsy person I am, I missed the last step of a flight of stairs, landed on my foot, heard a crunching sound before I realised I might have broken something wince* So yes, my lack of posts for this week is due to my second round of hospitalization this year :( Doc says I have torn most of the ligaments in my left foot and have a possible fracture.

Oh well, to look on the bright side of things, I'm now at home, I shall be getting more rest than I bargained for and shall be getting a chance to build up some upper body strength, tone 'em arms (I hardly exercise :P due to work) as I'm still adjusting to the crutches I have to use. My arms, thighs & back are killing me!! Does anyone have any tips for making it easier to go up and down a couple of flights of stairs with crutches? :)



Anonymous said...

Ouch! *painful*
Aww, get well soon, Lynn!
Best wishes :)
Much love from Australia!

Samreen said...

oh no what a fracture! first dengue, then malaria and now this!? Its' ok. I got an idea for how u can go up and down the stairs with crutches. Just put one crutch down, then the other on the same stair. Put two feet on one stair. My grandma has a fracture but although she dosen't need crutches she still walks this way. Anyways, Get Well Soon!

Andrea said...

Oh no! They say things happen in threes. The only thing I can think of for stairs - could you go down on your bum like a toddler does? Not sure if that would help or make things worse. Never been on crutches myself so can't offer any suggestions. Get better soon.

lynn said...

Aww, thanks a bunch dearies! Its day 2 for me on the crutches & they're absolutely killing my sides as I'm resting my whole weight on me arms & hands! Hopefully I'll get a bit better on them tomorrow :)

I have yet to try out both your stair techniques as my lack of stability on crutches & my 2 flights of stairs look a little daunting @ the moment. Shall pluck up some courage to try it out by Sunday!

Lilly said...

Poor thing! BUT I am a firm believer in the whole things happen in threes. AND if i you look at it that've got three really GOOD things coming your way.
feel better!

Lilly said...

Oh PS... I forgot to mention (looking at your latest comment), coming from someone who blew their ACL in their right knee and was on crutches FOREVER! You really need to make sure you don't rest on your underarms. Its really bad for your shoulders. What you'll really have to build up are your Laterals. Those little muscles on your sides just below your arms that look like triangles. Try doing chair dips where you scoot your butt forward off the seat of a stable chair and then lower and raise yourself with your arms like you do with pushups. Hope it helps.

The Lone Dollier said...

Oh man, and I thought I was clumsy and had bad luck. You poor thing. Wishing you a quick recovery!


Anonymous said...

Try turning around and sitting down on the stairs, and walking up the stairs backwards on your BUM! I had to! Talk about building upper body strength. This will do it!

lynn said...

:) Thank you again, you lovelies, lols* I've found that sitting down & going down one step at a time the easiest after attempting all your suggestions, many thanks again! I sure look funny though :P phew* What a workout!

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