Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Double dose!

Hi everyone, Lynn here! Thank you very very much for all your well wishes & messages!! I'm back & slowly recovering, remember Munchee's previous post on my medical condition?

Rrrr... I did have to get admitted into a hospital and I've just been discharged a couple of days ago. It was a horrifying experience for me, as mentioned before I hate needles, being hospitalized and I can't stand withdrawing blood. Oh, the poor nurses! I highly doubt they've seen anyone get so hysterical at the sight of a syringe. But, after that all, nothing beats having a succession of rising high fevers (my highest point was 40.5 °C) & cold-to-the-bone chills for 10 days!

The reason or rather reasons for my troubles are a combination of dengue fever & malaria, 2 tropical diseases with terrifying conditions. Frankly, I've not fully recovered from my malaria yet as I still get onsets of fever & dizzy spells, but with my quinine tablets, surely they will go away :)

On to happier things, I shall be back to blogging Jinjerup's momentum real soon, just need a couple more days to recuperate plus I've got some super sweet newbies coming right up, these you won't want to miss! ;)



notbeige said...

Wow... you've been in the wars :( Take care of you & get well soon xxx

Stephanie said...

I hope you are feeling great very soon!

Leisa Zoeller said...

BOTH viruses? OMG your poor girl! Thats just horrible. I hope you feel much better soon! Im sending you healing thoughts and vibrations.

Annalea said...

Take care . . . such a double-dose as you've had must have really taken it out of you!

Andrea said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend. Best wishes for a relaxing recovery.

Cleo Fitzgerald said...

oooh, you poor thing - how on earth did you get malaria - I live in South Africa and I dont know a single person who has ever had it !! get better soon!!!

lynn said...

:) Thank you, you lovelies for your well wishes & healing thoughts! My doc finally said I could get off the malaria meds I've been on, they muffle my hearing & very dizzy spells which cause imbalance!

lols Cleo, I think I might have been bitten by the horrid Anopheles (malaria) mosquito when I went on a short photo expedition to the Borneo rainforest 4-5 years ago, the parasites from the mosquito may have been living in my liver all this while, waiting for my immune system to be weak enough (from the dengue fever) to attack as well!

Phew* That was a mouthful! So, yes my dears, its always best to take anti malarial meds before entering tropical rainforests! I've learnt my lesson well :P

Samreen said...

Oh dear! It must awwfull to stay in bed-Especially when you are a very active person! I hope you get well soon and i am hoping that the freebies are bookmarks cos I have collected each and every one of your bookmarks!

P.S My fav is your fruit bookmark set!

bairdmtn said...

Bless your heart! What an AWFUL experience! Hopefully you will get stronger every day! Take care of yourself and don't over-do!

agravette said...

Oh sweetie! Hope you continue to get better really quickly! It's no fun being sick, especially when you're that sick. Love your blog!

The Lone Dollier said...

I wish you a speedy recover.

WOW, I can't even imagine having what you did. The thought of malaria scares me to death! We just have to worry about encephalitis where I live if we are bitten by a mosquito.


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