Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Note: These are a back up of Jinjerup patterns dated 07-07-07

A BIG HELLO to everyone!
Thank you for gracing

Multi pastel heart-shaped candy. The type that come linked by string
to form a necklace. Freed and stacked.

fish scales
Iridescence. Rainbows. Color theory. Funnily enough,
I wasn't looking at fish, scales or any of the above mentioned
themes, when this design came to mind. Was thinking of peanuts.

Dots, dots, dots. Just because.

lekking = lek = leka = play, a more detailed meaning; here.
p/s - this fascination with grouse(s) is not real (seriously!)

reed bunny
Rabbits hiding behind balls of reed. Much to my surprise,
there is an actor who's real name is Bunny Reed.

Peonies and their blooming-ny-ness. Their bunchy petals
remind me of frilly shirt ruffles.

twittering birds
Plentiful and noisy like sparrows at dawn. Fashioned, round
like grouse(s).

A personal take on nyonya-styled tiles.
Have always loved them since a child.

Lace, thread, ribbons. A line up.

A 'cut-along-the-dotted perforated-line' design.
Its pronounced as see-kors not a foreign language,
personal gibberish for (you guessed it right) scissors!

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