Friday, March 13, 2009

Nippon GO!

Note: These are a back up of Jinjerup patterns dated 21-10-07

Of daruma dolls, teruterubozu, adamant peaches, dancing atoms (my fave!) and treachery amongst fruit. Yes, yes :)
I happen to like peculiar mixes & to make up for the delay of updates, there'll be more patterns and merchandise to come, as promised.

dancing atoms
Bounce! Jiggle! Hop! Spin!
Atoms dancing to their own beat.

Daruma, dharma, if you please. This round Japanese doll
has a moustachey-beardy face with only whites for eyes.
Wish while filling in 1eye, then fill in the other
when your wish comes true!

just peachy
A peach tries to catch and re-attach its flying leaf.

teru teru bozu
Make your own cute amulet for sunny days. Teru stands for
good weather while bozu means priest. Created with white paper
or cloth, strung outside windows by the Japanese so that
their wishes for sunshine will be sent to the heavens.

treacherous fruit
Nothing tastes better than fruits of your own labor.
(As in this traitorous case, cultivated friendship.)

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