Monday, March 16, 2009

With much love

Note: These are a back up of Jinjerup patterns dated 12-02-08

Jinjerup's back with a tribute to Valentine's day!
Hearts aflutter, bears in love, mushrooms ajumping &
so much more!
8 NEW Patterns to adore!

beary much loved
Barely able to contain themselves, this lot of bears are all for loving.

four leaves
The real identity of four-leaved clovers underground! grin*
(For Amy)

hearts aflutter
It's best to always follow where your heart may lead.

hearty pitter patter
A hearty version of pitter patter!

hopping mad
Nothing gets these shrooms as excited, as being in love!

monkee love
Sharing the love, these little chimps are doing more
than monkeying around!

queen of hearts
These lovely hearts are sugary enough to satiate
your sweet tooth!

rabbits do it too

Humans aren't the only ones who do so, figure
it out yet? wink*

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