Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cups or Mugs?

Do you like your tea & coffee in a cup or mug?
That funny little question kept going round and round my head when I decided to illustrate this one! I'm still having difficulty in seeing the difference between the two! :P I honestly can't tell what their differences are or what their different roles are for.

Do cups come with saucers or do only tea cups come with saucers!? Are mugs only for holding hot beverages? but I've heard of beer mugs too! Muddled* I feel like clouded tea when I try to hard to discern between the two..

Anyone can help out with pointing out what makes a mug, a mug or a cup, a cup?
Oh well, here's my new pattern, its called Cups or Mugs? Rows and rows of both drinking vessels adorned with cute lines & polka dots.

Cups or Mugs? (yellow)
A cute pattern of cups and mugs in adorable lines + polka dots of yellows,
blues and purples.

Cups or Mugs? (pink)
A cute pattern of cups and mugs in adorable lines + polka dots of pinks,
oranges and greens.

Cups or Mugs? (purple)
A cute pattern of cups and mugs in adorable lines + polka dots of purples, baby blues and dark blues.


MiC said...

I think it's a question of capacity. a mug is bigger than a cup and a bowl is bigger than a mug.
but indeed, everything is meesed up with the beer mug... which are called "bock" in France !
these patterns are delighful.
bravo !

lynn said...

lols* interesting theory! 'Bock' is something new to me, I shall have to look it up!

Thanks for sharing, Mic plus thank you for the lovely compliment!! :)

Kaitlyn Timmerman said...

Mugs are normally for hot beverages - I wouldn't really count a beer "mug" as a mug, considering it's really just a big cup with a handle. Mugs always have handles and are normally made out of a thicker material, like glass, and are made really solidly. A type of a mug is a tea cup, which are normally more round in their appearance and have saucers. Cups are normally for cold beverages and are made out of thinner material, like plastic. They rarely ever have handles. I'd say that beer mugs are in a category all by themselves :P

Mugs = hot tea, coffee, hot cocoa, etc.
Cups/Glasses = iced tea, sodas, ice water, etc.

I hope that helps :P

lynn said...

Heya Kaitlyn,
That's very informative, I appreciate your feedback! I totally agree with you, beer mugs should be on their own. grin*

I've also been doing a little digging on my own and guess what! This question has been debated on for quite some time. & fascinatingly, there seems to be no definite answer yet!

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