Friday, May 8, 2009

Matriuska mama

Oh my! I've just realized that all the Mother's Day patterns I've done
so far are mostly pink!

Minus the elelove one, it does have pink elephants though. :P I'm not sure why
I've subconsciously did them dominantly in this color but I do love the way
this new pattern turned out!

Matriuska mama
Stackable russian dolls (matriuska) are the perfect inspiration for this Mother's Day pattern! Cute little mum and baby matriuska in pink repeat.

Note: Freebie of the week coming right up!! :) Do come back soon!


Staci said...

Those are adorable!!

lynn said...

^^ Much thanks for your sweet comment, Staci!

JooJoo said...

Oh so sweet! Your work is so delicate, cute and colorful! LOVE your blog xoxo :) Happy Mothers Day!

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