Saturday, July 4, 2009


Heya folks, sorry for such a late post, have been rushing around like a crazy person! Since I shall be going on a long break pretty soon, I've been wrapping up most of my work projects and of course I've been taking stock of Jinjerup too :) Please excuse my choppy blogging as its almost 3am here and my head feels like its about to go on hibernate mode at any given moment.

Well, hello July! The first theme of the month shall be Celebrations, in conjunction with Jinjerup's birth month! Jinjerup's 2nd birthday is just 3 days away! :D & I've been working on a really cute freebie set! wink* To start things off, I've decided to design delicious patterns of birthday muffins loaded with sprinkles of all kinds, creamy icing and of course, cute little candles to top it all off! Mmm... I've just started my own stummy growling! :P

Cupcake delights (sweet strawberry)
Adorable muffins filled with strawberry yummyness & plenty of cheer!

Cupcake delights (citrusy lemony cheese)
Adorable muffins filled with lemony cheesiness & plenty of cheer!

Cupcake delights (blooming blueberry)
Adorable muffins filled with blueberry goodness & plenty of cheer!

:) Its off to bed for me, good night folks!
X, Lynn


Kim Petroske said...

Oh my, the blueberry ones are absolutely delicous!!!

Fernanda Reali said...

So cute!!!
São lindos. Adoro cupcakes!

Andrea said...

OMGSH those are so sweet!

MiC said...

I can't believe I was away for such a long time. Pink cupcakes are my favorite, definitely !

Daniela said...

Eu amei os Cupcakes!
São muito lindos!
beijinhos da danii

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