Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fire in the Sky!

My first encounter with fireworks was back in my hometown during Chinese New Year!
Hours & hours upon deafening cracking and popping which rendered everyone else sleepless! Holy smokes! It sure was a fantastic experience, something to remember for the rest of my life as now fireworks or fire crackers are banned in Malaysia. (as there had been too many incidences of people's home catching fire & going poof in the flames!) :p

But my most memorable experience was the international fireworks competition I caught about 2 years ago in Singapore! Teams from all over the world gathered to put on their best shows, the whole night sky was just bursting with color all over Singapore! Beautiful, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it again! You guys must try to catch a fireworks competition if ever possible! :D

Here's my tribute to this lovely, lovely display of lights!

Fire Works! (tropical tang)
Great tropical-hued displays of dazzling brilliance in the sky

Fire Works! (sea breeze)
Exotic sea-sky-hued displays of dazzling brilliance in the sky

Fire Works! (pastel frenzy)
Pretty pastel-hued displays of dazzling brilliance in the sky

Love the blue green one oddly enough! chuckle* think its the color combo! Which one do you guys like?


Santhy T. said...

Everything is so cute in your blog!! I wish i have digital enhancement skills!

librarianism said...

I think the blue/green one is my favorite, but they are all so cute that it's hard to choose!

Andrea said...

Oooooh, do I have to pick a fave? Can't do it - I love all of them.

babalisme said...

You are so talented!! I love your blog, patterns, and all those freebies!! Thanks to you, now all of my printer's ink ran out. :D :D

oh, btw, I love all colors shown here.

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