Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joy in blooms

Introducing the second theme of July.
Its going to be all florals from here :) This is a theme I hardly work on so, yups, I'm giving it a shot! I've had this picture of happy flower blooms smiling towards the sun, for quite some time now in my head and thought this would be the best inspiration for my first floral pattern.

Don't worry about the flowers in my head (wink*) Sometimes I ponder about a concept for my next piece for a certain period of time before I begin designing it :P

Without much further adieu, here she is:

Blooms of joy

These cheerful blossoms, courted by their bee friends are certainly a joy to behold!

I can't help but love this color combo of warm orange, reds and yellows on flowers. Makes them look ever so 'chirpy'! :p


Andrea said...

omgsh how sweet is that?! I love it.

Anonymous said...

omggggg that is soooooo cute! i LOVEEEE IT!

Flash said...

That would make a sweet wallpaper in a baby bedroom.

Anonymous said...

est ce que quelqu'un qui parle français peux m'expliquer à quoi peuvent servir ces modele
car je les trouve superbes

What is that somebody who speaks French can explain to what can be of use this modele because I find them magnificent
mon mail
bonne journee

Anonymous said...

wat r they for???? the patterns i mean. they r sooo cute but wat do i do with them?

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