Wednesday, August 12, 2009


:) More whimsical cuteness comes in the form of this new pattern I'll call pepite. Of little bows, buttons, adorable bears, cats and bunnies plus of course a table spoon of polka dots thrown in for the fun of it!

My gran and her sisters, my grand aunts used to keep small boxes of buttons, ribbons, lace and threads for mending clothes. Thinking of how to illustrate pepite brought back many, many memories of me playing with these little buttons and thread, color coding them according to the rainbow! :P

Pepite (cat)
An adorable creamy orange mix of buttons, ribbon bows, petals and cute cats

Pepite (bunny)
An adorable pastel blue mix of buttons, ribbon bows, petals and cute bunnies

Pepite (bear)
An adorable petal pink mix of buttons, ribbon bows, blooms and cute bears


Ptitange30 said...

It's so cute !!
I have just looked at your blog, and I am dazzled by all that you make, it is so beautiful!!

Hugs !

Andrea said...

Super cute!

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