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Jinjerup Etsy Shop FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: Please read through the questions and answers listed below here before making a purchase. We have listed the most commonly asked questions here to help you have a better understanding of Jinjerup's digital products.

1) What software do you design your files in and which softwares
can I use them with?

All of our files are designed using Photoshop CS or above.

2) Do I require an indepth knowledge of Photoshop to use the digital files?
It would be best if you have basic to intermediate level knowledge of Photoshop in order to successfully use our digital files. Not to worry though, there are heaps of online Photoshop tutorials to help you with basic commands, if you need some links to the tutes, do let me know, I would be happy to send them your way!

3) How will I receive my digital files after purchasing it?
Within 24-48 hours of confirmation of your payment, we shall send you an email containing the link (a secure, file transfer service) where you will be able to download the .zip file. Next, all you'll have to do is click on the link, select where you want to save the .zip file to, extract the file and it shall be saved to your computer, ready for use! Thus, it is important to ensure that your email address listed in your etsy profile is the right one!

4) I'm facing trouble downloading the digital files, help!
Most of the times, the following are attributed to download trouble> slow connections, firewalls, other program/software usage, and etc. When downloading, it would be best to either shut down or restrict usage of other programs/software usage.

5) What types of payments do you accept?
We accept Paypal as it is the safer, easier way to pay online without revealing your credit card or debit card number. Paypal also allows payments via checking account or funds from your own Paypal account!

6) Digital File Usage Guidelines: Can I use your digital files/products for my digital scrapbooking site or scrapbooking purposes?
6.1 Sure! Jinjerup Digital Files (digital complete set, digital papers, design icons, frames, labels,tags, embellishments, etc sold on ) are to be used in your creations for only personal and non-commercial use only. After purchasing and downloading, Jinjerup Digital Files are your files to use and not to be re-distributed or shared.

6) Jinjerup's Terms of Use
All Jinjerup PDF file(s) are for personal, non-commercial use only. Altering, reproducing, copying, or redistributing any Jinjerup file(s) or its content is strictly prohibited. Jinjerup file(s) are designed by Chan Lynn and all file(s) and artwork are copyrighted © Chan Lynn. The copyright is not transferable with the sale of any Jinjerup file(s) and the buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights. The use of these images [in any Jinjerup file (s)] for any commercial use, profitability, re-selling, mass production, altering for your own use, or re-selling of the finished product as shown in the photos on the left or on Jinjerup’s website ( is strictly prohibited. You also may not place these images as part of websites or similar mediums, may not use them as logos, scan, screen-capture or photograph the designs and use them digitally or offer any designs, printables or scrapbooking packs with these images. The copyright is not transferable with the sale of any Jinjerup file(s) and the buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights.

7) PDF File Guidelines
7.1 You will only be able to open the PDF files in Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reading software for unlimited printing for your own personal use. These files are password protected, you will not be able to extract, alter or delete contents inside files in any program.

8) Printer Settings & Paper Stock
8.1 Jinjerup PDF(s) have been set to letterhead size (11” x 8.5”), so remember to use the paper stock of the right size. Works best with photo quality papers!

8.2 Color of printed PDF(s) may vary from photos of the pack shown. as the color depends on your monitor and your printer’s settings & inks. For best printing results, set printer settings to maximum quality, borderless printing (if possible) and print as many pages as you like!

9) Purchasing, downloading, printing and using any Jinjerup PDF file(s) means that you agree with Jinjerup's Terms of Use. Thank you for your support.

10) Can I get a refund? (please?)
Once a digital file (product) is purchased, we cannot offer a refund due to the digital nature of the product. Please carefully review your product(s) before purchasing, thank you.

Please feel free to contact me> [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any other questions unanswered above. Click here to go back to Jinjerup's Etsy Shop!

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