Saturday, October 17, 2009

The lucky 3

Oh how lucky these 3 patterns are indeed! I had posted them to Blogger unexpectedly a day ago unknowing that these would be my 3 last patterns I would be able to post before my computer goes dead on me! Sigh.. RIP computer..

Am currently blogging from my sister's computer @ 3am! Not to worry though, shall be going computer shopping in about 7 hours so fingers crossed, so I hope everything's back to normal by Sunday. I really feel like I'm missing a limb without my PC. & on top of all that, I've come down with a really bad cold & an infected throat. Double whammy! :( I guess its just one of those weeks. Oh well, hopefully things shall look up soon!

The closing date for our first competition's this 18th October 2009, Sunday, have you put in your catchiest tagline yet? A fantastically simple competition for a great prize! :D Click here for more!

& without much further ado, here are our 3 new patterns!

Jack of all trades
Cute repeat of jacks in all shades

Frog tales
Cute repeat of grinning frogs for a witch's cauldron

Going batty
Cute repeat of bats in the blackest of nights!

& back to bed , I go! Wish me luck everyone!



Andrea said...

I love these! I think the bats are my fave... but I'm a halloween junkie so I guess that explains it LOL

Tweetie said...

The jack o'lantern and batty backgrounds are really fun, but I love the little froggies. Good luck computer shopping! Hope you feel better soon. :)

lynn said...

Oooh!! I'm turning into one too Andrea! :P & Thanks a lot Tweetie, am feeling heaps better and I've got my pc up & running to boot! :D

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