Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flats for ___ (Part 3)

Yay! Here's my last set of flats, inspired by 3 more enthralling figures, this time, I've selected a painter & 2 mythical characters. The first is artist, Sophie Anderson, who gives such attention to fine botanical details in her paintings, I can hardly imagine how much time it wold have taken her to paint a single painting!

Next up is Brazillian mythical figure, Iara. She is seen as either a water nymph, siren or mermaid depending upon the context of the story told about her. Iara was a beautiful young woman, sometimes described as having green hair and light skin, connected to a freshwater water body. (Quotes from Wiki) I had been itching to do a water themed one and Iara was the best lady of the lake to look to.

& finally, I decided to design my flats pattern based on Mother Earth herself. I drew inspiration from earth's foliage, beaches, molten lava and natural flora and fauna.

flats for sophie
Abstract botanical designs with sophie anderson in mind

flats for iara
For iara if she chooses to walk

flats for gaia
Earthy toned flats inspired by mother nature

Happy weekend, everyone! :)

1 comment:

CraftyTweetie said...

Love these new color schemes, especially the purples and greens. Maybe you should design a collection of hats designs to go with your shoes.

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