Monday, November 9, 2009

Make, Do & Send!

Am loving the bright, shinyness of Make, Do & Send's new site & look! (Great job, Alex! :D) For craft & printable aficionados everywhere, bookmarking Make, Do & Send's a fab idea for it is such a great source for do-it-yourself projects.

In Alex's own words "Make, Do & Send came about through my love of paper projects & printables and is evolving into what I hope is a useful and inspiring place for like minded crafters on the hunt for simple diy projects."

Time to drop by Make, Do & Send? Click here!


Make, Do & Send said...

What a lovely surprise! Thanks for such a lovely post Lynn :)

lynn said...

It was my pleasure Alex, we certainly look forward to seeing how Make, Do & Send blossoms! ;)

Naone said...

Ohh! What a cute site! The printables are lovely!
It's already on my list :)

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