Sunday, December 20, 2009

Freebie of the week: Christmas Penguin & Snowmen Bookmarks

Jinjerup's 3rd Christmas Freebies are up for grabs! If you need some really quick Christmas gifts, I've got just the right stuff for you ;) Here are some cute easy peasy Christmas bookmarks, 3 penguin ones & 3 snowmen ones, all decked up with bright colorful scarves.

All the cute penguins & snowmen together!
Pick your fave & let's get to work!

A list of items you'll need to make the bookmark:
1. Paper (of a preferably thicker stock)
2. Printer
3. Scissors
4. Box cutter (blade)

Here's a pictorial tutorial I've whipped up:

Have your materials at the ready!

Select and separate the bookmark(s) you want

Using your box cutter, start cutting along the grip area from
dot to dot. (black dot to dot on penguin & grey dot to dot on snowmen)

This creates the flap for which the bookmark
grips itself to pages.

Trim the off the excess white paper off the fruit & you've got your bookmark!!

All completed Christmas Penguin & Snowmen bookmarks!

Aren't they cute, working so hard to keep your books' pages in place :D

Group shot!


Here's where you can download the templates for the bookmarks:

Measurements: Sizes of bookmarks vary between widths of 5 - 6cm and heights of 6 - 7cm (more or less, depending on your printer’s printing specifications)

Measurements of template: (w)20cm x (h)23cm OR (w)8inches x (h)9inches

Measurements of template: (w)8cm x (h)19cm OR (w)3inches x (h)7.5inches
Please refer to the image below to determine which Bookmark number refers to which pdf no. (eg: Bookmark no.1 is the Penguin Bookmark with the red polka dot scarf)

Note: The measurements provided above are based on the templates provided but actual sizes depend on your printer settings, you may even reduce their sizes by shrinking them in photoshop!

(29-09-2011) Hi there, thanks for your interest in this Jinjerup freebie. We’ve updated it, please visit this link to view & download the new updated freebie:

Visit our new Jinjerup Blog for more cute freebies & printables:

Have a great pre-Christmas week everyone!!



Andrea said...

Super cute!

Wendy said...

Thank you so much for this freebie and the tutorial... I love everything you do!

Binka said...

Thank you they are so cute. Have a great christmas

Clara Edwiges said...

OMG! They're all sooo cute! Love them all!

Neeza said...

Thanks for so generously sharing. My daughter will love this.

lynn said...

Such awesome feedback, thank you so much, am real glad you guys like them!

Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing these cuties. They are really adorable!

GüCüBe said...

I lıke your activities and ı do the same things with my daughter.

Yours Sıncerely,

Margee' said...

I can't open your zip files, :(

lynn said...

Thanks again guys for the lovely feedback! :D

Margee> hmm, perhaps you could try using this unzipping software, called Winzip for PCs( ) or if you are using MACs, you could try Zipeg ( )to unzip the files? Those 2 programs are quite ok when I use them on my own PC or MAC. If these do not work, you could email me you personal email, so that I can email you the files directly. Hope this helps!

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