Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happiness is cute colored cupcakes!

Hello, hello.
I can't believe I've just crossed over into my late twenties about an hour ago! :P It takes some getting used to, 1 moment you're just 22, the next... it really feels like a roller coaster ride! ;) grin* Thank you to all you dearies for your best wishes & big hugs all around! May everyone be blessed with much happiness & love too.


10 comments: said...

Aww, happy, happy birthday! Welcome to the late 20's, it's fabulous here!

merium said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Lynn!

Andrea said...

Birthday wishes to you!

Patricia said...

Happy Birthday!!! I´m sure your talent is growing with you!!!

Happy new year!

The Lone Dollier said...


Girl, just wait til you hit 40. I'm now 41 but still feel 20 (except when my back, neck, and carpal tunnel flare up LOL).

Have a wonderful day.


EmbeeArqam said...

Wow, those cupcakes look adorable! and i bet they tasted great too. <3 They remind me of this personalized wedding cake i once saw in a magazine... only it was a whole bunch of brownies put together with a wedding message broken down one letter per square and lots of lovely decorations in between!
but this ofcourse is way more 'kawaii'

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Ur cuppys look delightful!

Raquel said...

Happy birthday!!

lynn said...

Aww, you guys are such sweeties!! Thank you ever so much for the lovely birthday wishes! :D XOXO!

Kamie Chang Kahlo said...

Hi! Take a look at my blog post on the 7th. I think you will laugh. Hope you are feeling better. Take care of yourself!

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