Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Key to my heart

I've been quite taken with silhouttes of late & I like drawers full of keys, so silhouttes + keys = Key to my heart! :P Jinjerup's new pattern! lols* nono, actually I was inspired to design this new batch, after a conversation with a close friend about finding & keeping love.

If I threw you into a room so full of keys, could you find the key to my heart? Imagine being in a room with heaps & heaps of keys, keys of every make & sort! It would take one ages & plenty of determination, & not to mention perseverance to want to sift through every single key just to find the one, the only one to unlock the door to love.

That's a tough challenge indeed, but don't you think it would be so worth your tremendous effort if the person on the other side is the just the one you've been looking for? :) How long did it take you guys to find love, please do share! ;)

Key to my heart (yellow)
Can you find the keys to my mellow yellow heart?

Key to my heart (red)
Can you find the keys to my thread red heart?

Key to my heart (blue)
Can you find the keys to my true blue heart?

Note: Don't give up hope, dearie hugs* He's out there! ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure he's out there. I thought I had found him twice, but I was wrong. It seems I'm not good at picking men. The one in my life now that might have been the one, loves another. I have pretty much given up hope, but I would dig through that roomful of keys to find him, if he's out there! 8-) I hope you are feeling better. xoxo

lynn said...

hugs* Linda, I've had my fair share wrong doors too, people change. It might be sooner or later but the key you're looking for, will be there for sure ;) Thank you dearie, am still in a cast but am feeling much better!

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