Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love Lenses

I woke up with this phrase in my head 3 days ago "You are the love through my lenses". Intrigued by it, I sat and thought hard about how it managed to wrangle its way into my semi-conscious state of mind. Nada, till the present moment, I still can't seem to locate its source.

But what I did manage to do, was design this new trio of patterns based on it :P lols* heart shaped glasses to suit your whims & moods. I'm liking the blaise rose's color palette quite a lot now, the greys & pinks & blues go so well together :D

Love lenses (happy go lucky)
If you're feeling lucky in love, these cute glasses are for you

Love lenses (autumn chic)
If you're feeling sombre, these serious glasses are for you

Love lenses (blaise rose)
If you're feeling a little girly, these pretty glasses are for you


My Owl Barn said...

How cute are those glasses! I like them all! You are so talented :)Have a great weekend!

shery said...

lovely backgrounds

Samreen said...

i love the patterns! but how do I use them? Do I have to pay or for free? Are these for real life or on the computer? Where can I get them?

By the way, check out my blog sometime!


YY Sweet Paradise said...

So cute backgrounds!

lynn said...

:) Thank you so much, you dearies for the lovely comments!!

Samreen> The patterns that I create are actually for Jinjerup's pattern folio, its great to see your encouraging responses. If you would like to use the Love Lenses pattern, I have created a Love Lenses gift box in the blaise rose design, which you can use for your personal, non-commercial usage. & here is its link> Have fun ;)

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