Monday, March 15, 2010

Biscuit rolls

Lovely to snack on, biscuit rolls are such a hit! grin* I usually grab a handful (or 2) to munch, and a handful is about 5-6 rolls :P they are that addictive. Biscuit rolls look like thick straws made of biscuits (complete with stripes).

Most of the time, the rolls are filled with a strip of flavored creamy icing, these flavored rolls come with colored stripes which are the same color of the icing inside. For instance, strawberry flavored rolls get pink stripes whilst chocolate ones get brown stripes. & sometimes, they come plain, these types of rolls are usually fatter in diameter. You should try using the plain ones as straws :P they go really well with coffee!

chuckle* If let's say the biscuit rolls get left out of their containers for a little too long, they tend to go really soft, with no more crunch in them. It was actually my fave moment when I was a kid, cause when the biscuit rolls got soft, you could unroll them! lols* Then you'd have an unrolled striped biscuit sheet, all the better to get to the icing inside! :P

I've found Martha Stewart recipe on them too :P
You can find it at the bottom of this post ;)

Biscuit rolls (vanilla mango)
Lovely biscuit rolls with yummy vanilla mango creamy icing

Biscuit rolls (coffee cream)
Lovely biscuit rolls with yummy coffee and cream icing

Biscuit rolls (strawberry orange)
Lovely biscuit rolls with yummy straweberry & orange creamy icing

Martha Stewart's Candy Stripe Cookie Sticks recipe> click here

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