Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cookies galore!

Let's say you were a snacks manufacturer having a competition where the grand prize is a lifetime's supply of your fave cookies or fave chocs, frankly, if I was the winner, I'd pick the cookies anytime! I love cookies of all shapes and colors :P (well, provided they are tasty to eat of course!

I've illustrated some of my fave cookie snacks: linzer hearts, chocolate chip cookies and I-don't-their-name-rectangle cookies but are great for dipping in coffee (I nicknamed them polka for their dots) :D

Do you guys have any fave cookies or snacks too?

Cookies (linzer hearts)
Great for the nibbles, these lovely hearty cookies are!

Cookies (polka)
Great for coffee dipping, these tasty polka dotted cookies are!

Cookies (chocchip)
Great for the munching, these absolutely yummy chocolate chip cookies are!

This week's scrumptious freebie's coming out soon, stay tuned for it :)

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Cookies! Yum! Now I'm hungry.

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