Monday, March 8, 2010

Iced gems

Oh cute little biscuits of my childhood, you are sorely missed! :P
Iced gems were so next on Jinjerup's Snacks & Treats theme list, for you guys who aren't familiar with what they are, I'll try my best to give you a description of what these precious yummies are.

They're actually little round biscuits with cute dollops of hardened icing on top, and they come in 4 colors of icing. The ones found where I am are usually pink, white, yellow & green. Wonder why they didn't make more colors plus I wonder who got to choose those colors, why pink, yellow, white & green? :P Well, from what I've just read, the updated color palette of these iced gems are white, yellow, orange, red and purple.

Sugary goodness in every little munch, I used to bite off all the icing, keeping them aside to nibble after finishing off the round biscuit base! :P From what I recall, I got really hyper from all that sugar! grin* If you guys have never tried them, you should, they are very adorable!

If you had the chance to pick 4 colors for your customized batch of iced gems, what colors would you choose? :)

Iced gems (originals)
Cute little itty bitty biscuits with yummy original colored icing on top

Iced gems (orangerush)
Cute little itty bitty biscuits with yummy orange-ish toned icing on top

Iced gems (jollymolly)
Cute little itty bitty biscuits with yummy jolly colored yummy icing on top


hanisah~ said...

These are totally my favourite too!
I can't stop eating them everytime my mom brings home a packet. I usually bite the harden icing first

Annalea said...

Very cute. :o)

My color pics: robin's egg blue, rich chocolate brown, rich cranberry red, and sea-glass green.

Sihui said...

These are sooo delicious! I don't know where to find them anymore.. cute prints, my fav is the orangey looking set :)

Samreen said...

Awwwww... these look, and sound tasty! I looove these. But sorry to be such a spoiled sport, but when is the freebies coming? one week has gone!

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness, me too. My grandma used to buy packets for me whenever i visited her. The icing is the best part.

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