Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Recycling!

:) I'm back (after a week of going through my taxes.. urgh.. & other misc stuf I've had to sort) feels much better that its all done now! From today till the end of April, Jinjerup shall be on the Earth day theme, just like what we featured last year, there'll be plenty of 'environmental-friendlyness' coming right up.

To kick things off, we've got our first pattern ready & its called Happy Recycling, say hello to cute little cans, glass & plastic bottles ready to do their bit to save the earth!

Happy recycling cans
Recycle to reuse your metals!

Happy recycling plastic
Recycle to reuse your plastics!

Happy recycling glass
Recycle to reuse your glass!


Andrea said...

OMSGH those are cute!

FM Koppe said...

Wow, It's fantastic your work. Congratulations! I love it! ;)

kawaii crafter said...

These are all so cute, I think the plastic bottles are my favorite.

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