Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recycle chic

Greeting citizens of this planet, Happy Earth Day!! :D Thank you very much for your feedback, am super glad you guys like the Recycling labels we shared on Tuesday! I am sure you guys shall put them to good use. Let's put in a little more effort to help save this great planet we call home :)

Well, onward march, next up, we have this new trio of patterns called Recycle Chic, using the recycling logo as a repeat motif. These patterns come from a slightly different design approach, than my previous range, being more subtle in color and message. Think these would look quite nice on printed on totes or recyclable non-woven bags!

Recycle chic (sakura)
Recycling pattern in pretty sakura tones

Recycle chic (faded sky)
Recycling pattern in faded light sky blue tones

Recycle chic (tangerine time)
Recycling pattern in calm pastel orange tones


Anonymous said...

Sooooo pretty! but how do I get 2 use them?

lynn said...

Hi Anon, you could check out Jinjerup's Freebie of the week, featuring this Recycling Chic pattern> :) Have fun taking notes & making your lists!

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