Sunday, November 21, 2010

hello, hello!

Gosh, its feels like ages since my last post :) 3 and a half months!
My apologies, dearies for this long extended hiatus. Thank you again for your lovely messages and emails of support & feedback!!!

Here's a quick update:
I'd and 've been preoccupied with the following:
a) freelance projects
b) work-work (my day time job)
c) bad hand condition [ i've been nursing a sore hand for 6months now, i can't even pick up a pencil without feeling this constant pain in my wrist and palm! It truly is a painful reminder to not overdo it anymore. hands are for life :( ]
d) Jinjerup (something's coming up in early 2011, keep a watch out for it! ;)

Oh well, live and let learn. I would so love to take up blogging again very soon. I'll have to pace myself so it's going to take awhile :) but we'll get there!



Fernanda Reali said...

I hope you stay well! Your blog is wonderful!

Mariana said...

good to see you again!!
we miss you :)

MiC said...

Very happy to see you are back !!!

Katie said...

So happy that you are back! ;)

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