Thursday, February 3, 2011


Oh my, how time does fly, its suddenly 2011 & February to boot!
An interesting year it shall be for Jinjerup & myself as some changes are going to happen :) I would love to share them but everything is still under wraps so I shall have to keep mum about it for now. Thank you for being with us on our journey so far & my apologies for the lack of posts again, but Jinjerup shall prevail!! Plenty of cuteness coming right up :D

xoxo, Lynn


trish valdellon said...

lovely lovely lovely!!! just in time for teacher's day and valentine's. i will have to get a froggy soon. thank you for this! :)

Happy Quilling said...

Hello, Lynn! I love love love your blog sooooooooo much :D I downloaded the freebies you so nicely shared and I am so sorry I can't buy the others yet (still arranging the online paying possibilites - getting used to such things:) ) I added you in my blogroll so I can see the new posts you add.

Diana from Happy Quilling :)

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