Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Owl Goodie Bag & Bookmarks Freebies

With Easter just around the corner, Jinjerup has teamed up with Shivani of My Owl Barn to bring you the adorable Easter Owl printables set! These brand new FREE printables are a combo set of Easter Owl Goodie bag & Easter Owl bookmarks :)

If you are looking for a cute way of packaging your Easter goodies (all those yummy chocolates, sweets & gifts), the Easter Owl Goodie bag will be a great choice! Dressed in sweet Easter spring colors, it also goes hand in hand with our Easter Owl bookmarks: 3 owl bookmarks in shades of lavender, pink & violet. Plus we've even created a cute little pocket for the bookmarks, placed on the side of the goodie bag.

Don't forget to write a note to your loved ones on the white note area, on the other side of the goodie bag. If you would like to add a handle to the goodie bag, all you'd have to do is punch 2 holes on the goodie bag's sides & knot some ribbon or twine through the holes so that they stay in place. We've also included a visual tutorial/instructional guide for putting both goodie bag & bookmarks together (included as PDF files, in their respective download links).

From left to right, here are the 3 Easter Owl Bookmarks: Lavender, Violet & Pink.

Cute Easter bookmarks, hard at work!

Just in case, here are the measurements for:
1) Easter Owl Goodie bag
Width: a) just the goodie bag alone: 11cm (4.3 inches)
b) whole goodie bag with owl wing tips: 13cm (5.1 inches)
Height: 16cm (6.3 inches),
Dimention: 5.8cm (2.3 inches)

Note: To make one (1) Easter Owl Goodie bag, you shall require to print and use all four (4) of the Easter Owl goodie bag PDF templates. Just in case, if you would prefer not to use the bookmarks pocket, you may do so as the pocket is saved as a separate template.

2) Easter Owl Bookmark (an individual bookmark)
Width: 4.3cm (1.7 inches),
Height: 8.8cm (3.5 inches)

Note: There are four (4) PDF templates for the Easter Owl bookmarks. Each PDF template makes 3 bookmarks. The PDF templates consist of a PDF with 1 Lavender, 1 Pink & 1 Voilet Bookmark, a PDF with 3 Lavender Bookmarks, a PDF with 3 Pink Bookmarks & a PDF with 3 Violet Bookmarks.

To download the Easter Owl Goodie Bag, please hop on over to My Owl Barn! Please click HERE to visit the Easter Owl Goodie Bag at My Owl Barn

To download the Easter Owl Bookmarks, please click the link below.
(29-09-2011) Hi there, thanks for your interest in this Jinjerup freebie. We’ve updated it, please visit this link to view & download the new updated freebie:

Visit our new Jinjerup Blog for more cute freebies & printables:

A happy early Easter to everyone & have fun using your Easter Printables!!

xoxo, Lynn


General Note:

The measurements provided above are based on printed & constructed Goodie Bags & Bookmarks, which have been printed at 100%, no Page Scaling and maximum quality. Each Easter Owl Goodie Bag & Easter Owl Bookmark templates are saved as PDF files, in Letter size (8.5 inches x 11 inches). The actual sizes and color of the goodie bag & bookmarks shall depend on the user's monitor, computer & printer settings, printer ink and paper stock used.
The thicker the paper, the stronger the printable but please make sure the paper thickness you use, is suitable for your printer. All Easter Owl Goodie bag & Easter Owl Bookmark PDF Files are for non commercial & PERSONAL use only. All Easter Owl Goodie bag & Easter Owl Bookmark PDF Files are copyrighted © Chan Lynn, Jinjerup & Shivani, My Owl Barn. The copyright is not transferable with the use or download of any Jinjerup & My Owl Barn PDF file(s) and the user is not entitled to reproduction rights. You will only be able to open the PDF files in Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reading software for unlimited printing and for your own personal use. These PDF files are password protected, you will not be able to extract, alter or delete contents inside files in any program.


Samreen said...

WOW! These are just too cute! Does this mean you are back onto Jinjerup for good? Best wishes, Lynn!!!

bookworm0709 said...

These are really cute, but I am unable to access the file. The link takes me to Windows Live and then tells me there is an error.

lynn said...

Samreen> grin* thanks and slowly, yes I shall be able to blog like normal again, m currently working on some new projects!

bookworm0709> Thanks for the heads up! Have just tried clicking on the download link! Yup, that's odd indeed, on my first download attempt, there was an error message as the zipped folder I downloaded had an error message.

However when I refreshed the download link's page and tried downloading the zipped folder again, it downloaded just fine!

Think I shall re-upload and test the zipped folder again just to be sure! :)

Michelle said...

These are sooooo CUTE! Thank you so much! I love your blog!

agravette said...

thank you! these are adorable!

Zakka Life said...

Hi Lynn,

Your owl printables are adorable! I featured them on my site today. I couldn't keep this cuteness to myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are too cute!

Thank you for the files

Kylie said...

These are awesome! But, when I go to the My Owl Barn website the website doesn't load! :( I have waited for a long time but it still doesn't load. Can you please give me the link of the PDF? Thanks in advance!

Lisa said...

these are adorable! thank you so much!

Deb said...

I found a link to your site at Living Locurto...and now I'm hooked. Thank you for so many neat things...that are FREE!!!

lynn said...

Heya Michelle, agravette, Jessica, Anon, Kylie, Lisa & Deb! Thanks so much for your lovely comments & feedback!! :)

Kylie> Hm..perhaps you could try this link

Its My Owl Barn's download link for the goodie bag

Kylie said...

Thank you!
That helped a lot!

You are so awesome, like your projects!

Linie said...

Hiya Lynn,

I can't download the owl bookmark as well.
Could you let us know when you re-upload it ?


lynn said...

Hi Linie,
have just tried downloading the bookmarks and they downloaded just fine on my end. Please try refreshing the webpage and also re-click the download button again.

I'd noticed that by doing so, it solves the problem when I tried it the first time around. If you are still having any probs, please let me know so that I can re-upload it again.

Linie said...

The refresh page hint worked :o)

Thank you Lynn

pekosita6 said...

i really love the things you do and show us!! said...

ADORABLE! An Easter owl- I love it! Thanks for the printables, I'll be spreading the word.

lynn said...

pekosita6> glad to share them & thank you! :)

Rachel> Thanks so much for your fab support, as always!! :D

Shauna said...

First of all I LOVE your blog. I am in love with all of your amazing designs and talent. Thank-you for sharing these darling Owl Box printables with us. I just made them with my little ones last night. I have featured your Owl Printable on my blog today. You can find it on my April 19th post. Thanks again for sharing your talent with us,

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