Thursday, May 5, 2011

Freebie of the week: Matriuska Love Giftbox

We're bringing back Jinjerup's super cute limited edition freebie of the week, just for Mother's Day! Its Jinjerup's Matriuska Love heart shaped giftbox and it shall be only be available for downloading till May 08, 2011 (08-05-2011) midnight, EST.

Place your lovely presents (jewellery, perhaps?) or fill these adorable little boxes with Mum's fave candies or trinkets! Wait no more, download away! ;)

Jinjerup Matriuska Love (orange) Giftbox:
Click here to visit the giftbox's download link

(Before downloading or using Jinjerup's Matriuska Love Giftbox freebie, please make sure to read Jinjerup's Terms of Use & the UPDATES, found at the bottom of this blog post, thank you!)



Jinjerup Terms of Use:

The actual color of the freebie shall depend on the user's monitor, computer & printer settings, printer ink and paper stock used.
Jinjerup Matriuska Love Giftbox is for non commercial & PERSONAL use only. Jinjerup's Matriuska Love Giftbox is copyrighted © Chan Lynn, Jinjerup. The copyright is not transferable with the use or download of any Jinjerup PDF file(s) and the user is not entitled to reproduction rights.

You are not allowed to extract, alter, modify, delete, redistribute, resell the Jinjerup PDF files and/or claim them as your own. Effort, time & love have been channeled into creating these Jinjerup designs. You will only be able to open the PDF files in Adobe Reader or other PDF reading software for unlimited printing and for your own personal, non-commercial printing use. These PDF files are password protected, you will not be able to extract, alter or delete contents inside files in any program. Downloading and using the Jinjerup Matriuska Love Giftbox PDF Files means you accept and agree to comply with Jinjerup Terms of Use as stated above. Thank you for using Jinjerup Matriuska Love Giftbox!


(05-05-2011/May 05, 2011)
If you experience any errors when downloading the giftbox for the first time from the link given above, refresh the download link page & re-click the download link again, your download should be able to go through now! You shall receive a zipped folder which contains 1 (one) Jinjerup Matriuska Love PDF file. If you are still having any problems with downloading, please let us know by leaving a comment here on this blog post :)

(08-05-2011/May 08, 2011) Thank you for all your downloads, the link above has expired. Not to worry though, we have plenty more freebies available, all you'll have to do is click here! ;)


Paty said...

It's so lovely...
thank you so much...
I've been missed you!!!
brazilian hugs

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Daisy said...

I just adore these giftboxes and used them last mother's day. But I already have the link, couldn't you please do something for all those out there who are looking for your creative freebies and already have this giftbox?


Daisy Stone

Shauna said...

I am so glad that I didn't miss out on this Freebie. So darling, and I LOVE the illustrations. You are so talented and I love your artwork. Thanks so much for sharing.
Shauna said...

AWW! Cute theme! Thanks tons, I'll be linking.

lynn said...

Paty> Awww, your welcome! I'm doing my very best, am super rushing my work out to be back to blogging like normal!

Lix> Have fun using it! :)

Daisy> Thanks so much for your support Daisy! Am glad that you like them and I so wish I could come up with new ones but currently I'm on a super overload of work + working on a brand new Jinjerup!! Whilst speeding up on my work, I shall be back with new stuff when I am able to do so ;) Please pop by from time to time to check them out!

Shauna> grin* Thank you, Shauna, lovely to have your support!!

Rachel> hello hello Rachel, thank u so much for linking up!! :D

Samreen said...

As usual, Lynn, you have outdone yourself. Thank you!!!;)

lynn said...

grin* Thanks a bunch Samreen! :)

Zakka Life said...

I featured this box on my site today. It's too cute not to share with my readers.

Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have tried to click on the link but its not highlighting for me? anyone else having a prob? Thanks so much xxx

lynn said...

Jessica> Thanks so much for sharing it with your readers. However as the limited edition freebie has reached its deadline on May 08 2011 midnight EST, please feel free to share the Happy Recycling Labels instead! (link here> )Thanks! :)

Anon> As per our comment above, the Matriuska Love Giftbox limited edition freebie's download link is no longer active. Please visit this link for more Jinjerup freebies>

~Alesha~ said...

I missed it both times. I don't come back every day because it has been so long in between posts. It's a lovely gift box though. Thanks for all you do. ^_^

Petalie N. "Crafty" Cariev said...

When r u coming back, Lynn? I miss you and your lovely freebies! Please post a reply!!!

lynn said...

~Alesha~> Sorry to hear you missed it Alesha.

Petalie N. "Crafty" Cariev> sob* soon, I so wish I could say NOW but its going to take a little while longer, am afraid :o) Am working as fast n best as I can to get things back up to speed!


Lizze said...

Hi Lynn!
When are you gonna post again??? Miss you and your lovely freebies! Hope you get back soon, please reply!!!!!!



Haruhi Suzumiya said...

Just called to check how are you doing, Lynn, with so much work pressure? We totally understand, that your going through a tough time. Take your time, Lynn! We'll be waiting for you with eager hearts and welcoming arms!


H. Chika Suzumiya

nameotson said...

thank you so much

nameotson said...

Thank you so much

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