Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easter Eggalore

Note: These are a backup of Jinjerup Freebies dated 08-03-09

Pastels are big on Jinjerup's Easter palette this year! Soft pinks, easy blues and pretty orange hues accompany petite bunnies & their delicate gifts of eggs.

To the Jinjerup collection, we are adding 4 new lovely patterns
with 2 new wallpapers and a special Easter giftbox just for you!

A cute bunnies & eggs pattern in repeat.

easter cheek
It's not often you find many chicks trying to put
the easter bunnies out of their jobs.

easter love
Brimming with sweet cuteness, I think this might be Jinjerup's
most sugar-infused pattern ever!

A blue-toned Easter pattern with eggs, eggs & more eggs
(and the occasional nose-kissing bunnies)

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