Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Note: These are a backup of Jinjerup Freebies dated 09-02-09

Wallpaper Freebies
Three new lovelies to choose from!
Available in 2 sizes, please click on the size you'd like (they're at the bottom
of each wallpaper) to begin your download.

colors of love Wallpaper

heartbeats Wallpaper

puppylove Wallpaper

Giftbox Freebies
Here's a cute little heartbeats gift box!
Click on its link below to begin downloading!

(29-09-2011) Hi there, thanks for your interest in these Jinjerup freebies but we've discontinued them, sorry about that! No worries though, we've got plenty more freebies for you :) Please visit our new Jinjerup Blog:

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