Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Jinjerup!

Note: These are a back up of Jinjerup patterns dated 07-10-08

Jinjerup is 1 year & 3 months young! It would've been great if I'd posted
this 3months earlier but I got caught up in a couple of other projects
with very near, tight timelines! ^ -^ Oh well, better late than never!

It's an exciting time for Jinjerup as I've stepped out of my comfort zone
& am experimenting with new styles!

8 New Patterns
& great new wallpapers! Plus a cute Birthday Giftbox designed with Jinjerup's
first do in mind! HUG! <3 style="font-weight: bold;">

A-wooing & a-courting, our fine feathered friends go
in their little home.

Bunnies, all dressed to the nines for tea.

A foray into geometrics, waves of interconnecting lines.

folk flowers
A rustic floral design designed with a woodsy tone in mind.

hanabi baby
Lion cubs pouncing on hanabi! (fireworks!)

happy birthday jinjerup
t's a first twice! Jinjerup's first birthday & my first birthday pattern!
:D Here's to many more!

in the kitchen
Pretty pattern of pastel kitchen utensils.

tot bots
Lots of baby bots whirring around on the spot.

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Tweetie said...

Your designs are so interesting, cute, and unique! I live in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, in the USA where many Pennsylvania Dutch people live. Your geometric Folk Flowers background instantly reminded me of their traditional folk art, especially the hex signs which adorn many of the older farms' barns. Thanks so much for sharing your artwork with us and for all of the wonderful freebies which you so kindly offer us.

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