Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Heya there, my name is Lynn, a big welcome to you! Jinjerup is a store of sorts to keep my prints, patterns and ideas; a creative outlet for a designer in profession. Every so often, when the urge to design kicks in, you’ll be seeing more stuff on the pattern page.

All in all, jinjerup is as its name suggests, to spice up or to add flavor, you'll find a link at the bottom to a more definitive meaning. I am constantly amazed by the small wonders of nature, science and the pleasure of the little things in life.

They are unbelievably great sources of inspiration for anything. Seeing a well crafted typographic piece, acquiring a beautifully printed new publication are small yet just as meaningful notions which make my heart swell with design joy.

What really takes the cake, is of course, coming up with designs to call your own. Come visit often as there'll always be new prints galore
& lots more in store.


1 comment:

Daniel said...

Nice to see your work again! Very cute!

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