Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's!

Note: These are a backup of Jinjerup Freebies dated 09-02-09

Golly, Valentine's Day is only less than a week away! Time for extra loving (wink*) with your special someone(s).
Jinjerup's all prepared with these lovely new Valentine-themed patterns,
cute wallpapers and of course, a brand new gift giftbox!
Heaps of hugs* Lynn

hearts aplomb
Quintessential Valentine prints.

Explore the meaningful geometrics of love.

colors of love
Love overlaps in much more ways than one.


Tuning into the rhythms of the heart.

hear my heart's call
Lonely hearts a-calling through this misty fog called love

puppy love
Dedicated to my love, Parsley.

shower me with your love
Be it in light drizzles or heavy torrents, love
is much like the rain.

sweets for my sweet
These sweethearts are on a sugar rush.


Annalea said...

Is the heart's aplomb paper still available? It's beautiful! (And perfect for Valentine's Day . . . ;o)

lynn said...

Heya dearie, thanks for the comment! Unfortunately its not, but I might make it into a pack of papers soon ;) Shall keep you posted if I do

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