Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jinjerup's Yes to Trees Freebie on Folding Trees

I 'm so thrilled to say there's a new freebie's in store!
I was absolutely so taken (& shaken) with Prof. Nadkarni's ‘61 trees per person’ ratio, (the world supports 61 trees per person, you can read more about this
in my Say Yes to Trees post) that I decided to try my best to help spread the word!

What better way to encourage awareness than to have it in a note.
Thus, I've designed a new freebie just for that & here we have the Say Yes to Trees Envelope Set! A customized Envelope and note card set which unfolds into the shape of a tree! Of course, I had to have it in my fave pattern :)

This is a first for Jinjerup as this freebie & its pictorial tutorial are featured exclusively on the Folding Trees site, one of the best places for paper craft based tutorials and creations!

Here's a list of materials you will need!
1) Heavy paper or cardstock for the notecard (ideally use recycled paper,
thicker than 120gm)
2) Paper for the envelope (can be thinner than the notecard paper)
3) Printer
4) Scissors
5) Sharp craft knife/scalpel and self-healing mat
6) Long ruler

All ready? Hop on over to the tute to start!

Note: This funnily ironic thought occured to me whilst I was working on this freebie's tute> notably this is a first for Jinjerup contributing to Folding Trees’ lovely tutorials and of all paper crafts to feature, Jinjerup came up with (you’ve got that right!)
a folding tree!

Honestly, it was probably a subconscious decision on my part but I sure did not see that coming! chuckle*

Have fun!! :D

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