Friday, May 15, 2009

Forking spoons with knives!!

I've noticed that apart from this pattern called "in the kitchen" I'd designed
in October last year, I've never done any other kitchen based patterns. :)
So I'm dedicating the rest of May to a kitchen (or anything found in kitchens) :P theme! (Hence, the cheeky title. grin*)

To set the steam on things, here are the first patterns of forks, spoons & knives!

Forks, Spoons & Knives 1
A playful arrangement of our essential eating utensils in such pretty summery colors.

Forks, Spoons & Knives 2
This is another variation of the summer utensils pattern.
The forks, spoons and knives have been arranged in a more subdued, albeit more orderly manner but still pretty nonetheless.

Forks, Spoons & Knives 3
An equally bright and cheerful medley of forks, spoons and knive.
Hmm.. this could be best used for children's kitchen prints...hmm..

Stay tuned for Jinjerup's upcoming freebie of the week! :)


Pikaland said...

oooooh. me love #2. so prettttyy.
i miss you lynn!

lynn said...

Oooh!! Hey Amy!!
grin* agreed, that's also my fave of the lot! & yesssssssss, I miss you toooooooo!!! :D A rendezvous soon perhaps?

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