Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kitchen tales

What a productive weekend! Apart from scouring the kitchen for inspirations to illustrate (& turning it topsy turvy in the process :P I think I've put everything back in place, I'll know soon enough, when someone comes marching to my room) I've managed to find some interesting stuff.

I found my long lost mug, my favorite spoon which was also missing & some odd shaped dates called honey dates. They are supremely sweet & rock hard! Just found out that they are meant to be boiled with, and not for munching :P but still yummy nonetheless.. nom nom nom!

& here we have this week's freebie, Jinjerup's first set of labels!

(29-09-2011) Hi there, thanks for your interest in this Jinjerup freebie. We’ve updated it, please visit this link to view & download the new updated freebie:

Visit our new Jinjerup Blog for more cute freebies & printables:

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