Monday, June 8, 2009

Beach huts

I've heard of them and seen many pictures but I've never actually been into one of these before! They look so cute lined up in their bright summer colors! Summer huts, or more commonly known as beach huts.

I wonder what's inside?
Are they empty like hermit crab shells waiting for their next occupants to make up their temporary summer homes? Or do they at least have a bed, a toilet, kitchenette? lols* That sounds like its going too far. Where do you do your business (no1. or no2?)? Where do people take their baths? What does one sleep on? :P

Any one ever rented them before or stayed in one? It would be great if you could share! :D

Summer beach hut
Repeat of adorable summer homes lining up the shore


cousette said...

Well those I've seen in France are often rented by the same family every summer and are just full of beach stuff (parasol, chairs, matress,toys etc..). But no bed or anything like that!!

lynn said...

Oooh!! Thank you for your insight cousette :) Lols* I can't seem to figure out how they go to the loo though... must have some public toilets nearby?

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