Thursday, June 11, 2009

More fruits of the sun!

:) Here are four more fruits for my collection for this blazing hot season!

Hmm.. from the four, lychees would be the top of my list.
Sweet & absolutely refreshing (when chilled! lols* or otherwise) they are absolutely mouthwatering. Thanks to my mum, I've got a lovely bucketful downstairs :P Remember to pull out the seeds!!

I've just noticed an odd thing after eating lychees for so long...
Some lychees' red surface are covered with blunt thorns (they don't really hurt) and some just have moderately bumpy ones. I have come to the conclusion, that maybe as the fruits ripens, the blunt thorny surface stretches out and tightens itself around the inner white flesh, resulting in the moderately bumpy surface? :P just a thought. Or they could be just 2 different lychee varieties? (I can't believe I just wrote a whole paragraph on lychee surfaces.)

Summer Fruit Punch (Lychee)
Cute pattern of succulent lychees, refreshing summer fruits!

Oh well.. & on to the next!
Papayas or known as pawpaws sometimes, have such a pretty intense orange color on the inside! Not really one of my fave fruits as it has a slightly odd taste imho. Sweet but ... hmm... I can't describe it.. Best for you guys to dig in yourselves to find out! wink* When overripe, their texture reminds me avocados, only slightly less creamy & with fibre. Works wonders for the constipated, or so I hear :P

Summer Fruit Punch (Papaya)
Cute pattern of delish papayas, pretty summer fruits!

Good old Wiki has it that "The mangosteen is commonly known as "The Queen of fruits" in parts of southeast Asia, notably Singapore and Malaysia." Oh really? I did not even know that! They are fragrantly sweet and tangy & I love how cute their fruity flesh are arranged. Do try them if you can get your hands on them, well worth your palate.

Summer Fruit Punch (Mangosteen)
Cute pattern of sweet mangosteens, fantastic summer fruits!

& finally we come to the KING of fruits! Durians! Lols, I've heard a trillion, million stories of how abominably smelly and disgusting these fruits are! :P Honestly, I quite love the sweet tasting ones (most peeps I know are divided between the bitter, the sweet and the bittersweet). I actually don't mind the smell. :) yums*

I'm not very sure of what sort of varieties are available overseas but here we have so many types, I can't possibly remember how many there are anymore! XO,Mao Shan Wang, Golden Phoenix (hahaha), D24, D1, D13, Red Prawn! But for those trying them out for the first time, try requesting for a D13 or D101 if you're in Asia/Malaysia (these are from the sweet & creamy categories)! Don't think you can go wrong from there!

Summer Fruit Punch (Durian)
Cute pattern of uniquely yummy durians, lipsmacking summer fruits!

This has got to be my longest (fruit) post ever!
It was certainly fun writing about them, but most importantly have you guys ever tried them before? Any favourites, anyone?


MiC said...

lychees are so nice and sweet... my choice for sure ! thank you so much for all these patterns

lynn said...

Thank you for such kind comments, MiC! :)

Lling said...

wow! i like it!

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