Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flippin' into Summer!

:) Hurrah!! I finally get to work on this, I've been waiting for a reason to do this season. (for quite awhile!) So say hello to the theme of Summer! We're going to have this new lovely theme going right through to the middle of June and then we'll have another exciting new theme taking over from there!

Hence, to kick things off, here are some patterns of my fave footwear!
A girl can never have too many! wink* If I had the choice, I'd wear them anywhere, everywhere for anything! :P

I adore the striped orange-blue ones of Flipflops (Summer)! Their colors go so well together! Maybe its just the mood I'm in! lols*

Which would you wear?
Would it be the simple sky blue ones, the lovely floral pink ones in Flipflops candy version or the pineapple criss-crossed ones of Flipflops tangy? Or would there be any others you'd pick? :)

Flip flops (summer)
A fab! set of easy slip-on footwear in warm, happy tones of summer reds,
oranges, yellows, blues and greens

Flip flops (candy)
A sweet! set of easy slip-on footwear in yummy, cute tones of pastel pinks,
light blues & lavender

Flip flops (tangy)
A zesty! set of easy slip-on footwear in tasteful tones of pineapples, lemons, oranges, passionfruit & strawberries


Andrea said...

Tangy all the way!

lynn said...

:D yes!! I feel tangy today too!

MiC said...

ouch, this one is tough... I like summer and tangy... arghl... which one... okay TANGY !!!!!

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