Friday, June 5, 2009

Fruits of the sun!

What could beat munching on fresh, juicily (chilled) fruits during a hot summer's day?
Oh, do get me a bucket! I'm salivating just thinking of them :P

My next batch of patterns are dedicated very much to the fruits of summer.
I had such tantalizing images of delicious fresh rings of pineapple served with slices upon slices of crunchy, sweet watermelons that I just had to have them as part of my summer pattern collection!

Oddly enough, I only started 'nibbling' pineapples this year!
Since my family is not really fond of them, I did not really have any interest
in giving them a shot when I was younger (boy! I sure was missing out!) till thanks
to a certain someone ;)

The trick I found out is to get your hands on a nice, sweet-smelling ripe one of the variety we have from Sarawak (a state in Malaysia). Watermelons are another story all together, I utterly LOVE them!!

So, which of the two do you guys adore?
Pineapples or watermelons?

Summer Fruit Punch (Pineapple)
Cute pattern of tasty pineapples, fantastic summer fruits!

Summer Fruit Punch (Watermelon)
Cute pattern of yummy watermelons, fantastic summer fruits!


Brenda said...

I love 'em both!! Love all fruits...a I 'fruity'? Yep!!

Christine said...

They are so cute! how do you download the image?

MiC said...

okay, this one is easy for me as I'm not very much in the pale pink : pineaple !!!

Francine said...

So adorable! I <3 your designs. :3

lynn said...

Brenda> ^^' glad you do!
Christine> You can right click on the image and save as. It would be great if you would include Jinjerup in the credits where possible! :)
MiC>lols,hope you've tried it before!
Francine>Thank you very much!! :D

Samantha said...

wow! how do you make such cute pictures? All my friends n I love them!

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