Monday, August 17, 2009

Freebie: Manekineko Cute Printable!

This week's freebie of the week is a special one as I whipped up this adorable manekineko piece with everyone in mind!

A maneki neko is a beckoning cat, which in Japanese culture is meant to help you attract money – very timely in the current economic situation! (The meaning actually depends on which of its paws are raised: the right paw signifies money while the raised left paw is for good luck.)
Something all of us could do more with ;)

I thought since not all of us could get real life Maneki nekos, a printable one would do! Do head on over to lovely paper craft & tutorial site Folding Trees to download the the full-size printable artwork of this sweet, little printable art for your wall(et)s!

Thanks June & Eve!


Note: Plus for those interested, Wiki explains more on Maneki nekos!
Have fun!

2 comments: said...

Yay, I *love* this! I'm so excited about finding your blog via Folding Trees. I'll be subscribing.

Megg said...

trop mignon, merci

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