Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Petals & ribbons

Everytime I run out of thread or am the lookout for one in a new color, I find myself heading out to a particular, old sewing shop in an old neighbourhood. Sure, there are plenty of newer, better shops out there but something about this particular one is very quaint and charming.

It's situated in such a small shop lot, yet is still brimming with all sorts of sewing goods from a dizzying array of brightly colored ribbons to the latest small traditional crafts of any nearing cultural festival (eg: bloomingly, beautiful red latterns for the upcoming Lantern Festival, next month!)

Inspired by lovely selections of ribbon I've just been admiring, here's another trio for the Whims & Fancies Jinjerup range, these new patterns have flowers strewn across roles and roles of different ribbons.

Petals & Ribbons (pink blush)
A lovely array of blossoms featured on pastel pink ribbons.

Petals & Ribbons (baby blue)
A lovely array of blossoms featured on pastel blue ribbons.

Petals & Ribbons (dusty peach)
A lovely array of blossoms featured on pastel orange ribbons.

Hm...think these would look really pretty as wallpaper or trimmings! :)

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Ooooh lovely! Delicate and chic.

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