Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mr & Mrs Byrd

When I was much younger, I used to feed lots of pigeons, pigeons which came from just about anywhere. I bought loaves and loaves of bread just to feed them! Guess I was fascinated with animals and birds in particular when I was 12 so I fed them to observe them. I aspired to be an ornithologist! :P My parents were none too pleased with the whole idea as pigeons = loads of bird crap but they put up with it for quite some time (surprisingly).

First it started with just one, a curious little brown colored pigeon, Ned and then his mate, then within the blink of an eye, the flock doubled and tripled, some were so tame that we could feed them by hand or even pick them up! Very soon, more varieties of birds started arriving, from kingfishers, drongos, bul buls to even some wild parakeets once! Oh, how I observed and learnt, it was great fun!

Eventually though, as I decided I would like to pursue Psychology instead, my fascination waned but! I'll always remember a pair I'd fondly referred to as Mr & Mrs Byrd (with the Upper Case) Lols* They were the most curious but most snooty pair of pigeons I've ever seen. Not only did they refuse to grab the bread pieces the others were squabbling for, they stayed calmly at the edge of the flock, waiting for me to throw some their way!

The best part is that after some time, they decided it was time to make friends so they took to pecking out of my hand :) so in memory of such an audacious pair, I've done up a new batch of patterns.

Mr & Mrs Byrd (pink)
A snooty little pair dressed to the nines.

Mr & Mrs Byrd (green)
A snooty little pair dressed to the nines.

Mr & Mrs Byrd (purple)
A snooty little pair dressed to the nines.


MiC said...

I like these ones, very much : funny and elegant.

linda said...

Very nice pattern! I love how they have their beaks held high!

Andrea said...

OMGSH too cute!

gtka3 said...

Love this one! so cute great job!

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