Sunday, September 20, 2009

Owl wait

Last night, as we were driving back home from our local super mart (dad & I), we saw this really huge flying creature swoop right infront of the car. Much too big to be a bat, too ruffly to be a night jar. We slowed down and watched where it landed.

It was a really huge owl, the size of a toy poodle! Would you believe it, this is only the third time in my entire life, I have seen an owl (apart from the ones in zoos!) :P It really inspired me to come up with this new pattern of cute, puffy owls in brilliant color swatches, wide-eyed and waiting.

Owl wait (orange red)
We wait and watch in tones of tangerine and marmalade.

Owl wait (blue)
We wait and watch in tones of kraken blue and sky.

Owl wait (lime green)
We wait and watch in tones of electric lime and foliage.


☼ Cheryl* said...

Awww!! These are so cute, I love the colours :)!

Andrea said...

omgsh these are adorable!

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