Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh my stars!

I can't believe Halloween's only about a week away, that certainly was fast!
Who would've thought! :P Here's a batch of 3 new patterns done up in spooky silhoutte-y fashion! Thought I'd go for a muted palette this time, as I've been
coming up with bright, bold tones :)

Oh my webs!
Ghosties parade around in long forgotten spun webs.

Oh my stars!
Cats decorated in stars, stars stars.

Oh my jacks!
More pumpkins grinning in that cute menacing manner!

& back I go to working on some lovelies to add to Jinjerup Shop, shall share it hopefully by first week of November! So stay tuned for plenty more cuteness! ;)


Naone said...

So cuuute! *-* I loved the pumpkins ^^
Thank you so much for sharing!!

Tweetie said...

These are so cute, especialy the black cats and stars background. I bet they'd look really neat on a dark purple background, too.

Andrea said...

Love them!

My Owl Barn said...

I love them all. My favorite is the black cats one. Those subtle stars in the background is great.

MiC said...

I like very much the cats. and the pumpkins are really classy !!!

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