Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heel my sole

November's kicked in & we have a brand spanking new theme to share.
We think you're going to like this one as much as we do, we're pleased to say Jinjerup's theme of the month is shoes!

We shall be dedicating this whole month to footwear of all kinds, so get ready for plenty of sole-ful patterns & freebies. Oh & we have Munchees to thank for this interesting new theme, xoxo! ;) First up, here's our first pattern called Heel my sole in its 3 variations, any faves anyone? I'm torn between the light peach polka dotted one to the fine black mesh heel! :P

Heel my sole (dotty)
Adorable heels adorned with polka dots

Heel my sole (stripey)
Lovely heels adorned with stripes of all kinds

Heel my sole (mesh)
Urban heels adorned with these outstanding mesh patterns


BrennenB said...

You have just GOT to make one of the sole-ful patterns into a desktop wallpaper. I am simply in LOVE with them!

Catherine said...

I love shoes!!!! Such great patterns.
Yes, I agree with BrennenB that you should make them into desktop wallpapers.

Tweetie said...

These are cute. I especially like the classy b&w mesg design. I would love to have a row of different colored, slightly larger shoes to use as a edging/border on a 8,5" x 11" page.

Andrea said...

What every girl loves... SHOES!

My Owl Barn said...

Great patterns! Love the colors too.

lynn said...

Brennen B> Hmm.. interesting suggestion! ;) Shall definitely keep it in mind for upcoming Shoe themed freebies

Catherine> Yups, me 3 :D

Tweetie> Another fab idea! Thanks, shall stash it in my memory box

Andrea> lols* My thoughts exactly when I first considered this month's theme!

My Owl Barn> Lovely of you for such kind words! :)

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